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How impossible is an event with zero probability?

When we look at reality, we always perceive it as extremely complex and hard to model. Modelling reality in a perfect way would essentially mean being able to explain and predict phenomena with no more need of probability. In general, probability is what leads our lives to a choice instead of another, preferring A over …

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Enjoy R: Looping in R

Loops are run in most applications and are supported by all languages. In general, there are more than one way to execute the same task via looping, and the efficiency of each choice varies among languages. This post is not intended to demonstrate any general truth about R loops, but aims to provide some insights into some …

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Enjoy R: Simulations of the Monty Hall problem

The Monty Hall problem is a recurring and charming game in which the probability theory plays an essential role. A very simple and clear explanation may be found here: Anyway, let’s just summarize how it goes. There are three shut doors: behind two of them there is a goat, whereas the remaining door hides …

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